A downloadable game for Windows

Complete the ritual!
Find the ingredients to finish the ritual!

A small horror prototype made in Unity3D. I worked on this project alone for about 2 weeks, so take it for what it is! :) There is no start menu ingame and the game will be closed if you should loose, sorry for this but I didn't have time to fix those things! Should work fine otherways. Enjoy!

I made this project to test out some specific methods in the game engine aswell as learning to "finish" a project even when my inner voice tells me to add more and more content, which always ends up with an unfinished/unpublished project. So I most likely won't be working anymore on this one, but hopefully you can expect new projects in the future!


WASD - move
Use mouse to orient
E - interact

Have the toilet door closed!
The fifth ingredient is a letter, if that isn't clear.

All 3D models except the trees are modelled, rigged and animated by me.

All audio is from: https://www.freesound.org/.
Most textures are from: http://www.cgtextures.com/.

Works for PC, Mac and Linux.

-Update 1
Added instructions!

Install instructions

Unzip the file and then run the program file. The program file and the filedata must be located in the same folder (which they are at start) to be able to run the game.


Fifth Ritual (2).zip 104 MB


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Quite a neat little project!